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Ashley Starling A.K.A. A. Star.

Vision: Where a Star Reader begins.

Who Am I.

My name is Ashley Starling a.k.a A. Star. I reside in Portsmouth VA. I am a Mother, CEO of The MAKE UP Foundation, Author, Executive Director of The Man Foundation, Commission Board member of Portsmouth Parks and Recs and Co-author of Gotta Story To Tell. I love creating, working behind the scenes and helping others (most are not revealed). My goal and inspiration is to create unique games, products, resources and more for our young ladies while sharing my journey with everyone. I ABSOLUTELY love to eat good food! I am an introverted soul which means I truly enjoy my peace and being by myself. This does not mean I don’t like people lol. I enjoy good conversations, traveling, reading books and grasping facts of knowledge as much as possibly can. It took me so long to get to a point where I can truly enjoy life. I am known to be hustler, I just finally got the right hustle. Love listening to music because I believe music is universal. You can listen to trap music in the morning to get you motivated, listen to slow jamz after you broken up with someone and then fall to your knees to give God praises listening to Gospel. I am a big believer in thinking about your actions before you do it. Although nobody is perfect, I believe in looking at situations in the other persons foot. We can have a better understanding about situations, life, relationships, friendships etc. when we can learn to agree to disagree and truly understand people’s perspectives with respect. To truly understand people, you have to listen to what they are saying and not to turn into what you think it should be. That’s what I strive to do! And with that, anything is possible! You can reach out to me with any questions or just need a friend, I’m here!